Sonoma County

DRNK Wines Cave Aging Details
DRNK Wines Cave Aging Details
Ryan Kunde - Winemaker

A Story to DRNK In


We are makers at heart, connecting the pleasures of wine with the treasures of time.

Get ready to DRNK in wines made at the intersection of craft, community, and creativity. Experience wines that showcase the diversity of Sonoma County.


Behind The Name

We don’t paint by numbers, we DRNK in letters, the exact ones that start each of our founders’ names. Like everything else we do at DRNK, our name is both intentional and playful. And it turns out, when we left out the I, we made room for you. Room for you to explore one of Sonoma’s hidden wine caves. Room for you to DRNK in the experience and see what opens up for you.