Our Story

Our Story

Craft, Community, Creativity

Family Owned & Operated

DRNK Winery was founded by partner and winemaker Ryan Kunde in 2012 with his wife Katie, and her parents Dale and Nancy Dougherty. DRNK, standing for our initials is meant to be both intentional and playful.

DRNK Wines Family

The Wines

DRNK wines with an extra level of expression. They greet you with youthful exuberance and age with grace. We open the cave, front to back. Our effervescence is present even our still wines.

The Cave

Located in an idyllic setting, atop the Laguna Ridge in the heart of the Russian River Valley, DRNK Winery is home to a beautiful 300 foot wine cave. One of only four caves in the Russian River Valley, this is where the wine is cellared and private tours and tastings are held.