Our Story

Our Story

Craft, Community, Creativity


DRNK Winery was founded by partner and winemaker Ryan Kunde in 2012 with his wife Katie, and her parents Dale and Nancy Dougherty. We created the name DRNK by mixing our initials together, landing on just the right blend. Inside DRNK, we showcase the agricultural diversity of Sonoma County, and invite you to discover what opens up when you DRNK in the possibilities of people, place, and Pinot.

The Wines

The wines at DRNK are made in small batches sourced from diverse vineyards across Sonoma County. We’re on a continual quest to delight and surprise you. Whether it’s a glass filled with youthful exuberance or a bottle that ages with grace, everything we craft boasts an extra level of expression. Our effervescence is present even in our still wines.

The Cave

Located atop the Laguna Ridge in the heart of the Russian River Valley, DRNK Winery is home to a hidden 300-foot wine cave. One of only four in the Russian River Valley, the cave is the heart of our winemaking operation and where the DRNK experience comes to life.